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Mr. R's family
Mr. R's family
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Mano Rivera


Hello Room 11 parents and families,

    Welcome to 5th grade! We have begun another exciting school year and this year will be both exciting and challenging. I am looking forward to watching your kids grow throughout the year as we dive into the curriculum! If you ever need to contact me, please feel free to use the email link through School Loop or contact me through the Class Dojo app that you can download to your cell phones, tablets, or computers!


Mr. Rivera



Supply Letter

August 22, 2016


Dear Parents and families,

Welcome to our new school year! It is sure to be an exciting and fun year. In order for our students to be more effective when we are at school, it is important for them to be organized. We have begun the AVID program here at Sierra Vista in grades 4-6. This program teaches skills in organization, study skills, and college preparedness. In order to achieve this, we are providing your child a prepackaged binder.  The binder includes a 3 inch/ ring binder, pencil pouch, pens, pencils, highlighter, dividers, and 2 spiral notebooks because this prepackaged binder is one of the most effective tools for organizing and maintaining homework assignments, notes and projects. We would appreciate a $10.00 donation for the binder. You are of course welcome to bring your own binder, but PLEASE no pencil boxes, as we are going to teach the kids that their binder has EVERYTHING they need to be an organized effective student. Pencil boxes don’t fit in their binders (obviously). They also create distractions as kids like to dig around in them on their desks when they are bored.

We are also asking that students be well prepared for school by bringing in the supplies they will need to have a successful school year. The following is a list of supplies that your child will need this year.  We are also asking that some items on the list be donated if possible. Things like Kleenex and hand sanitizer are always going to be in short supply.  Thank you so much for all your support.

Supplies:                                                                          Items for donation to the classroom:

  1. Three-ring binder (3 inch)!!!  **                                         1. Kleenex!!!
  2. Pencil pouch (NO pencil box)                                            2. Hand-sanitizer!!!
  3. #2 pencils (sharpened) **                                                    3. Lined notebook paper!!!
  4. A couple of small pencil sharpeners!                                 4. White copy paper
  5. Erasers                                                                                      5. Lysol wipes
  6. Tabbed dividers for binder (5-subject) **
  7. Highlighter **
  8. Lined notebook paper!!!
  9. Pens (one red ink**, one green ink, 2 black ink**)
  10. Art supplies (crayons, colored pencils or skinny markers) please no massive crayon boxes)
  11. FOUR spiral notebooks or composition books [for Math, Science, Writing, and Language Arts & Social Studies) journals]. NOTE: there are already two in the prepackaged binder.


** Already provided in prepackaged binder


We look forward to working with you this year to help our students soar to success! Students should have their supplies by Monday, August 29, 2016.


The 5th Grade Team

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