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Melinda Shepherd

Welcome to First Grade!

Hello First Grade Families,

Happy Fall!  This month is going to go fast with all of our holiday breaks.  Due to the short week beginning November 8th, there will be no homework for that week.  Enjoy the time with your families. 

The children recently choose our new class name "Mrs. Shepherds Super Stars."  I am very thankful for the "super" effort my students put forth.

November Happenings

Language Arts:  We are learning short vowel patterns in spelling along with blends and special endings.  Our stories have predictable, decodable text. We are learning to write sentences with a capital at the beginning and the correct punctuation mark at the end.

Math:  We are working on relating addition and subtraction.  The kids are doing great on the "timed math fact quizzes!"  Focus on learning addition up to 10.  

We have many friends who have memorized their addition facts to ten.  Great job:  Ishmael, Antonio, Stephanie, Andrew, Tyler, Riley, Nalani, Alyssa, Jarrett, Olive, Isaac, Mindy, Jeremy, Matthew, and Serenity!

Science:OWLS!  Hooo..... Hooo....... Your child will be learning about a variety of owls, what makes owls special birds and how they are beneficial.  

Social Studies:  We will be learning about the Pilgrims journey to America.  Our citizenship theme is being responsible.  We are focusing on following the "Golden Rule."  We are also learning to solve problems, show respect and make good decisions.

General Information


Homework is assigned each Monday and is due on Friday.

Guidelines and helpful hints:

  • Pencil only and crayons/colored pencils for coloring  No pens or markers please.
  • Encourage your child to do their best.  Quality matters!
  • Provide help as needed through examples.
  • All work should be in the students own writing.
  • Please have your child put their name on work.
  • Let me know if any difficulties arise.


Home Reading

Your child will be given a reading book everyday.  Have your child read this book 3-5 times until they can read it fluently. This book should be returned the next day.

Current Assignments